My three-essay dissertation focuses on outsourcing and Application Service Providers (ASPs). Paper 1 is unique in that it is among the first to look at healthcare outsourcing scenarios using ASPs. Initial research was presented at the Academy of Health (poster) and published in the Journal of Healthcare Information Management. A refined model looking specifically at the trust and privacy concepts was recently presented at HICSS 2005 (nominated for Best Paper). An extended version of this paper will be submitted to Information Systems Research. The empirical paper uses PLS analysis with survey data. Paper 2 explores multiple theoretical frameworks to connect practitioner views with research on adoption of ASPs. The paper contributes by investigating the variant constructs that later map to common themes. The paper uses different theoretical views to develop a conceptual model of ASP adoption. An extended version of this paper will be submitted to Academy of Management Review in June 2005. Paper 3 investigates Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). The contribution centers on the decision to outsource security which has traditionally been an in-house service. The larger impact on competitive advantage for firms that employ MSSPs will be looked at. The empirical paper will use PLS analysis with online surveys. This research-in-progress has been submitted to AMCIS 2005. Data collection will start in August 2005. Analysis will be completed by December 2005. The dissertation will be defended by Summer 2006.