Information System Development (ISD) necessarily involves resource reallocation in the organization. Resistance to the development process often arises as a result of disagreements stemming from differing goals among various parties within the organization. Resistance usually appears in political forms, which means that users or the MIS professionals may exhibit some unnecessary, irrational behaviors purely out of self -interest. Such political behavior distorts resource allocations, misguides project goals, and plays havoc with schedules and budgets. This study focuses on the following areas. (1) In ISD, which political behavior typically takes place in which development stage, and by whom it is caused? (2) What kind of business characteristics, such as the organizational culture, would affect political behavior and to what degree? And (3) how do different political behavior, such as deviation from goals, dissipation of energies, and diversion of resources, affect the whole organization? By this detailed discussion, the study seeks to make system developers aware of what irrational behavior might appear in the course of development, so that they can reduce or prevent any negative consequences.