Current work environments and IT advances provide managers with a wealth of information stored in internal, external databases and data warehouses. Managers often mention the fact that they are overloaded with the amount of information that they receive, or more precisely that they cannot cope with this overload: therefore, a critical issue for designing decision and management support systems has become to extract and present the information in a timely and usable manner. In a research project, we look at how we can make the work of managers more productive from the Fragmentation of Working Time (FWT) perspective in 6 small and medium-sized companies. One of the solutions that we have adopted is a collection of push technology-based tools, which support the manager in decision-making situations. This paper presents the FWT framework which guides our work, the approach that we have used to integrate push technology in the DSS framework, the tools which have been developed in one case company in the context of Internal Logistics and Material Flow Control processes, and results on the impacts on the manager’s productivity.