Electronic commerce (e-commerce) has become one of the major factors that determines the future survival or success of organizations. Like any new field, e-commerce is replete with confusion and lack of coherence. As if there aren’t enough buzzwords in the e-commerce literature, new ones such as electronic business (e-business) and collaborative commerce (c-commerce) are created which further add to the confusion. Here, we extend the existing five-fold e-commerce taxonomy to accommodate various e-business and c-commerce perspectives as well. However, none of these perspectives explicitly acknowledges the role of knowledge and its management. We contend that these are the essence of e-commerce/c-commerce/e-business. Thus, the objective of this paper is to extend the taxonomy’s traditional perspectives by advancing the e- knowledge view that explicitly recognizes the importance of knowledge management. A knowledge-oriented perspective of e-commerce/c-commerce/e-business is beneficial in furnishing a common, organized, and unified foundation for understanding and managing the electronic organization.