The software inspection meeting is one of the best- known techniques for quality assurance in software development and has become a standard practice in many software development groups (Ebenau and Strauss, 1994). The application of groupware has been suggested as a particularly promising way to improve the inspection process (Johnson, 1998). This paper discusses a “research in progress” study that concerns the application of groupware to software inspection meetings. A controlled experimental study involving eighty teams is presently being conducted to address two fundamental research questions relating to the use of groupware to support software inspections: 1) Is it more effective to use groupware in an interactive or nominal group mode?; and 2) Is it worthwhile to incorporate task structure into the design of the groupware interface? The research design is a 2 X 2 factorial design using the inspection team as the unit of analysis. One independent variable manipulates the type of group interaction (nominal vs. interactive) and the second independent variable manipulates task structure (a partitioned groupware interface vs. an unpartitioned interface). The dependent variable will be team performance.