This paper serves to fill a void in empirical research on the business-to-consumer eCommerce in China. We propose a new model to study interactive eCommerce activities between consumers and EC managers, objects in the eCommerce process. The model breaks down the business-to-consumer eCommerce process in four phases: information, ordering, payment and delivery. The model is applied to analyze one particularly successful online retailer in China, 8848.net. Through demographic surveys and data from 8848.net, we examine 8848.net's business strategy in each of the four phases. 8848.net's competitive advantage comes from its initiative and superior execution in the phases of payment and delivery. On the basis of insufficient infrastructure in China, 8848.net has been able to provide its customers a complete business-to-consumer process. 8848.net has greatly influenced the basis for competition, cost levels, value chains and retail markets structures in China. This paper presents an efficient approach for analyzing business-to-customer business activities and the key factors in the strategies under current condition of China.