Relatively speaking, the field of information systems is still young, developing into a coherent field. This introduction to the minitrack is organized into the following four sections. The first section discusses three prerequisite conditions for MIS to become a coherent field of a study, as suggested by Keen (1980). 1.1 Clarifying reference disciplines 1.2 Building a cumulative research tradition 1.3 Defining the dependent variables The second section is concerned with the process by which an academic discipline becomes establishment. Once the prerequisite conditions for becoming a classic field of study have been met, a review of the major works of Kuhn (1970), Kaplan (1964), and Cushing (1990) describes the process by which an academic discipline becomes establishment in terms of the following steps: 2.1 Consensus building 2.2 Empirical studies 2.3 Articulation of Theories 2.4 Paradigm Building The third section overviews the current state of MIS research in terms of the prerequisite conditions and the process as described above. The last section reaches several conclusions and suggests some future research directions.