In this research, we develop a conceptual model for IT staffing agility. The lack of adequate manpower for staffing IT-related projects has been recognized as a major stumbling block in the economic growth and expansion of IT. Organization agility in procuring the necessary skilled IT manpower will be a determinant factor in their competitive position in the market. The rapid pace of change in the IT environment has made this task at the same time difficult and critical. The demand for agile staffing strategies raises a number of issues, including staffing acquisition, maintenance, training, and competitiveness. In dealing with these issues, we identify three broad strategies for IT staffing: outsourcing, inhousing and mixing. In this paper, we develop a conceptual model to theoretically explain why certain staffing strategies should be emphasized. We then investigate factors that impact IT staffing as well as the evaluation of the agility of the IT staffing strategies based on intellectual capital.