Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems enable organizations to gain better control over their operations and costs by tightly integrating related business functions. This results in substantial savings. They provide a migration path from legacy systems to a client server environment. They also offer a solution to the year 2000 problem. This has led to a sharp increase in the demand for these systems. Implementation of ERP systems, however, is considered to be a high cost high risk project. Training is a key factor in implementation success. ERP implementation affects the roles of a large number of employees in an organization, who must be trained within a relatively short time period. Organizing and delivering such training in a cost effective and timely manner is a challenging task. Trainers are using innovative methods to accomplish this. Web- based training is recently gaining popularity as a convenient and economical means for imparting training to a large group of widely dispersed audience. In this article we describe an innovative use of intranet-based training to facilitate ERP implementation in a manufacturing organization.