In order to identify the factors important for getting information requirements right, the research in information requirement analysis has investigated the analytical behavior of information analysts in specifying information requirements. One stream of research has focused on the differences between novice and expert information analysts. Richer domain knowledge and modeling knowledge have been recognized as main qualities of expert information analysts for better performance in information requirement analysis (Adelson and Soloway, 1985; Sutcliffe and Maiden, 1990; Vitalari and Dickson, 1983). Another stream of research has focused on comparing the effectiveness of various information requirement analysis techniques in specifying information requirements. However, the research results show that no information requirement analysis technique has consistently better performance than others (Kim and Lerch, 1992; Vessey and Cogner; 1994; Yadav, Bravoco, Chatfield, and Raikumar; 1988).