The quality of software is a complex mix of factors (Pressmann, 93).That is why it is extremely difficult to establish a unique, generalized definition for the quality of information systems. Human and social aspects in organizations have been considered up to the present the competency of management, administration and other related areas. Programming and internal design activities are related to product efficiency: requirements analysis and external design activities are related to the effectiveness of the product, project management activities relate to the efficiency of the process and general management activities relate to process effectiveness. Faced with the scarcity of information regarding process effectiveness, the need arises to take information from topics from the field of management. Specifically, part of the topics for organizational behavior and development includes a series of components that determine human and social behavior in organizations; individual behavior, group behavior, leadership, the organizational structure and culture and problems relating to processes of change therein. An association is established for each of these components in the particular context of development of information systems.