Several years ago Professor Bill Remus of the University of Hawaii reported on the most prolific researchers and institutions in the IS field based on an analysis of IS publications over a previous 5 year period in each case (Remus, 1989; 1991). These analyses, which were printed in the MIS Interrupt, proved to be useful for faculty promotion and tenure decisions as well as for individual and institutional hiring decisions. Moreover, prospective doctoral students may have also found the results helpful in selecting programs for advanced study. Finally, the findings very likely satisfied a certain intellectual curiosity on the partof the community as a whole. In a vein similar to Professor Remus' analyses, the present analysis is based on articles published in the five years just past, specifically the period from January, 1990 to December, 1994. One major change has been made, however, to the previous methodology. In ranking institutions, credit has been given to the school where the author of published articles is currently located, giving a view of the schools that are currently most active in the IS research arena