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Subject: Status of Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application (JITTA)

JITTA has been published continuously for 17 years; since 2009 as an AIS journal. Early this year the AIS and JITTA discussed resource and governance needs for the journal; JITTA wanted more resources to reposition its mission and to continue to develop its pool of authors. It will continue to be published by the AIS through June 2018 and expects to continue to be an AIS affiliated journal after that.

As a result , JITTA is exploring opportunities to acquire a new publisher that might include an institution, such as a university or non-profit, as an honorary sponsor. We anticipate being able to provide further information by the end of summer. Inquiries or suggestions are welcome. Contact Ken Peffers, Professor of MIS, Lee Business School, UNLV by email or by telephone at 702.807.1181.

Current Issue: Volume 18, Issue 2 (2017)



A Platform-based Design Approach for Flexible Software Components
Marcus A. Rothenberger, Hemant K. Jain, and Vijayan Sugumaran