Platform governance is critical for the success of digital platform ecosystems (DPEs). However, we know little about the governance of decentralized DPEs. Studies on centralized DPEs find that platform owners decide about, implement, and adapt the governance practices over the lifecycle of a platform ecosystem. It remains unclear what the growing body of literature on decentralized platform ecosystems reveals about their governance. To close this gap, we conducted a structured literature review of Information Systems literature. In 54 studies, we find five key dimensions of governance of decentralized DPEs. We contribute to literature by contrasting the governance practices, mechanisms, and processes of centralized DPEs and decentralized DPEs. We highlight three main differences: Ex-ante definition rather than an evolution of governance, distributed and overlapping roles (platform founders, platform enhancers, platform validators), and collective decision-making by fractional platform owners.

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Track 3: Digital Markets, Platforms & Data Spaces