The area of Business Intelligence and Analytics (BIA) has repeatedly oscillated between more central, efficiency-oriented, professionalized approaches and decentral, agility-oriented, user-driven ones. We investigate whether and how to alleviate that tradeoff by combining an agility-oriented self-service BIA approach with the professionalization-driven DataOps concept: DataOps aims at transferring ideas from DevOps to the realm of analytics, namely a mutual integration of Development and Operations and a high degree of professionalization and automation. From a case study with a series of interviews and a workshop we generate insights into the viability of such a combination. Our results inspire a theoretical concept for capturing the economics behind the approaches that is considering the (opportunity) costs of the components “user agency” and “central control”. The concept has been evaluated with representatives from the case study. Based on our results, we argue that the discussed combination can push BIA solutions towards fine-tuned federated environments.

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Track 5: Data Science & Business Analytics