The flexibility and cost-effectiveness of online learning provide the public with the opportunities to learn anywhere and at any time. Its popularity has surged since the emergence of MOOCs in 2011 and after the global outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2019. As the central element in current online learning platforms, video lecture plays important role in affecting learners’ engagement, performance, and satisfaction. To shed light on the key components of video lecture design and their effects on learner-level outcomes in online learning, this research identifies the literature on video lecture design and conducts a systematic review with bibliometric analysis. Specifically, the bibliometric analysis illustrates the literature on video lecture design in terms of publication year, journal source, citations, and keyword co-occurrence. The thematic analysis identifies three themes that are widely investigated in video lecture design literature such as instructor presence, instructor characteristics, and content presentation. This research contributes to online learning literature by illustrating the current landscape of research on video lecture design in online learning for the first time.