With the prosperity of digital technologies such as cloud computing and intelligent devices, the construction and optimization of digital-driven operation management system has become the key to the success of "personalized customization+mass production" mode. Taking ShangPinZhaiPei as the research case, this paper deeply analyzes its digital operation management system from the perspective of value co-creation. It is concluded that product design and pricing, digital processing and production and supply chain management are the core modules and key links of its digital operation management system. Among them, the product design and pricing system achieves the front-end value co-creation between designers and customers, and between customers and customers by attracting customers to participate in the product design. Digital processing and production system realizes the co-creation of sales design and back-end value of production and processing through intelligent transformation of production equipment and information transferring; The supply chain management system organically combines all links of production and operation by using the integrated information integration capability, so as to realize the overall value co-creation.