The theme park apps have been used as an important platform for theme park visitors to engage with the theme park. The purpose of this paper is to investigate what motivates users to continue using theme park apps. By combining the expectation confirmation theory, IS success model, and perceived value, this study proposes a research model to examine the determinants of continuance intention. Specifically, information quality, system quality, and service quality are proposed to positively affect the users’ confirmation of theme park apps, while confirmation exerts positive influences on users’ revised perceptions regarding utilitarian and hedonic value. Confirmation, together with utilitarian value and hedonic value of theme park apps, impact both user satisfaction and continuance intention directly. Additionally, travel frequency and prior app usage experience are considered as moderators in this research model to investigate user differences in continuance intention regarding theme park apps. This study may contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the significant antecedents to theme park apps’ continuance intention.