Using social network analysis (SNA) method, this study analyzes the regional social network characteristics of patent technology transfer of China's "985 Project" universities. In analyzing university’s patent technology transfer network, density, centrality and the number of network edges, etc. are calculated, and the block results are obtained using the Concor method. The study shows: There are obvious differences in outdegree centrality and indegree centrality of each region where "985 Project" universities are located , and the central and western regions are relatively backward; Block 1 and Block 2 are the most active regions of university patent technology transfer activities; The linear fitting coefficient demonstrates that the stronger is constant stronger, and it is particularly important to improve the ability of patent technology transfer in the central and western regions; Betweenness centrality of Liaoning, Tianjin, Fujian, Hubei and Hunan are relatively high to play a role in radiation of technology transfer in the neighboring provinces, etc. All the above results provide directions for improving China’s university patent technology transfer.