In recent years, medical crowdfunding has become an emerging and effective way to raise funds for patients with severe illness and their families, and has solved huge economic problems for many families. This study studies the information expression of medical crowdfunding projects. This study combines the S-O-R model, considered the model of altruistic and egoistic motives for helping, adopted laboratory research methods, studied the effect of the facial expressions of beneficiary on individual donate intention. The results showed that individual altruism and guilt can positively influence individual donate intention. The facial expressions of beneficiaries affected both egoistic motivation and altruism motivation at the same time, and there were significant differences in the two types of motivation. In addition, research has found that individual guilt has a moderating effect on altruism. This study enriched the research of the SOR model and the altruistic and self-interest motivation model in the context of medical crowdfunding, at the same time studied the impact of facial expressions on personal motivation to provide recommendations for medical crowdfunding content writing.