With the government's efforts to regulate housing prices, the trend of excessive housing price increases has been suppressed to some extent. Meanwhile, the government introduced a policy of renting and selling have the same rights, stimulating the development of the housing leasing market, increasing the market demand for residential leasing, and having an important impact on the formation of housing rental prices. This paper analyzes the influential factors of the formation of housing rental prices in Chengdu, selects the key variables of the residential rental characteristic price index, and constructs the model of the influential factors of the characteristic price of housing rental in Chengdu. The empirical study using residential sample data from three central urban districts in Chengdu. The data analysis showed that the 12 variables of residential building characteristics, neighborhood characteristics, location characteristics, and regional characteristics affected the residential rental price to varying degrees. The conclusions of this paper provide a theoretical basis for the pricing and management of residential leasing in Chengdu.