The performance of staffs directly determines competitive power of enterprise in fierce market, and it also influences the long-term development of enterprise. If enterprise motivate employees only by virtue of economic contract, it cannot effectively assure staff performance, because psychological contract also affects employee’s work behavior and work attitude. This is especially notable in E-Business company because most E-business companies have a high turn-over rate and most of their employees are 80s or 90s. The essence of enterprise competition is talents, the emphasis on psychological contract can effectively reduce employee turnover rate and improve employee’s working efficiency in E-Business company. This paper sums up the connotations and features of psychological contract and job performance and puts forward relationship model of psychological contract and job performance. We make employees of Y company as the object of empirical study and carry out questionnaire research, use SPSS software to develop statistical data analysis. It shows that psychological contract has significant positive effect on job performance of E-business company. Finally, this paper puts forward some management strategy for enterprises to enhance psychological contract of employees according to the result of survey.