With the rapid development of science and technology, people’s acceptance of online shopping is increasing. As an important part of online shopping, small and medium-sized cosmetics enterprises have the characteristics of small investment scale and flexible adjustment of brand strategy, but previous research lack sustained and effective methods and tools to analysis brand impact. The paper takes INOHERB as an example, to explore the connotation and feature of brand and brand image from the perspective of the cosmetics online shopping, as well as the relevant theories of online shopping intention. Through literature review, the paper applies the bell brand image measurement model, dividing brand image into corporate image and product or service image, and user image. It also adds the analysis on the consumption characteristics, so as to test result reasonableness of the brand image analysis’s influence on online shopping intention. Data were collected from college female students by print questionnaires and online surveys. The result indicated that corporate image has a strong influence on consumer online shopping intention. Besides, product and service image also have a significant influence on consumer online shopping intention, consumers are more willing to buy cosmetics online above average prices with positive word of mouth and good quality.