The proliferation of the ICT ,smart phone, mobile technologies and other devices such as tab, note pad has encourage the users, financial organization and banks to use more m-banking services than before. The adoption of ICT varies on country to country according to the nature or characteristics of the people. And now a days, m-banking is considered to be an inseparable factor for financial firms for developing and developed country. Since the prior studies has limited focus on cultural dimensions and very few study considered the importance of website quality on m-banking adoption .Therefore, we proposed a model in this study that extended the original UTAUT2 model with cultural dimensions and website quality to know the influences on the m-banking services adoption of Bangladeshi consumer. As a developing country like Bangladesh m-banking services adoption can play an important role and also motivate people to use m-banking services. This paper analyzed by applied partial least squares (PLS) with 220 samples. The study found that performance expectancy, facilitating condition and price value influences on behaviour intention but effort expectancy had no influence on m-banking adoption in this research. This study also revealed that power distance had influence on m-banking adoption and masculinity and uncertainty avoidance had no influence on behavioral intention to adopt m-banking services. The paper offers valuable insights to decision-makers involved in the implementation and deployment of m-Banking services. Moreover, the results endorse the relative significance of websites quality and culture to the adoption of m-banking services adoption. It will help the banking sectors to regulate their strategies and future plans to advance successful adoption and diffusion of m-banking services in Bangladesh.