Online course platforms have many advantages.Many universities establish online course platforms for online courses.Students' satisfaction with the online course platform largely determine the adopt of online course platform. In this paper, students in JiuJiang University Jiangxi province are regarded as research objects. Moderating variables are Big Five personality traits.Dependent variables are reliability, navigation,richness, friendliness and aesthetics. Independent variable is satisfaction.A learners’ satisfaction model of online course platform is established. The collected 368 valid questionnaires are processed by Amos20.0 and spss17.0.The reliability and validity of questionnaires is reasonably. Confirmatory factor analysis is conducted. The hypotheses of structural equation model is also confirmed.The moderating effect of personality traits is partly verified by using grouping regression and hierarchical regression. The results shows that: firstly, the reliability, navigation, richness, friendliness and aesthetics of the online course platform are significantly positively related to satisfaction; secondly, apart from conscientiousness grouping,the remaining four personality traits have some moderating effect on the relationship between satisfaction and reliability, navigation, richness, friendliness, aesthetics of online course platform. Finally, the article makes a conclusion and proposes suggestions, limitations and directions of future research.