With the development of 3G and a growing scale of mobile terminal holders, location based service (LBS) has the very broad market prospect. But now whether from the perspective of the cognitive degree or market scale, the application status of location based service are not satisfactory. At present, researches mostly stagnate in technical level, and less on consumers’ behavior. In this paper, we establish the research model of consumers’ intention to use location based service from the angle of perceived risks and apply the empirical test. The results of the study show that perceived service business risks, perceived service product risks and perceived financial risks have significant negative influence on users’ intention to adopt LBS. In addition, whether the users have experience of using the LBS will influence usage intention to some extent. Overall, the results of this study can help mobile agents understand the sources of business risks, so that they can regulate their own behavior, formulate rational policy and eliminate the risks in order to promote the long-term development of LBS.