With the world’s science and technology becoming more and more mature and perfect, as well as the environment of supporting policy optimized and application prospects become more extensive, new terms, such as, smart earth, smart city, smart scenic spots, smart hotels, smart services, and smart marketing process have swept the world. The era of smart travel has arrived. However, it must be realized that smart tourism era is not the so called traditional tourist normalization and the simple integration of tourism industry or IT technology, the focus is its future development trend, the value promotion and development strategy. This article first reviews the research of smart tourism, and then uses SPSS17.0 to do empirical analysis through the questionnaire. After that it put out four core value of smart tourism which are science and technology innovation value, industrial support value, economic contribution value and social pull value. By using the correlation analysis to analyze the correlation of the four core value, thus put forward six enhancement development strategies, which makes smart tourism become the gripper to ascend tourism industry science and technology value and to improve the strategic position of tourism industry.