Making great strides in social economy, demands for the material is growing, at the same time,it also stimulates the development of logistics.The railway-water combined transportation of our country is being into a golden opportunity, With the support of national policy and the improvement of railway transportation capacity,it's preparing for the development conditions of the railway-water combined transportation.What‘s the mixed, whether in traffic or on the quality of service about railway-water combined transportation, there is a big gap with developed countries.

This paper analyze the main problems in the development process of China's railway-water combined transportation, For solving these problems, the essay applies modern system theory, supply chain management and modern logistics theory, and coordination management, and other theoretical ideas,to construct coordination system and management system of railway-water combined transportation respectively to solve the problems that the development of railway-water combined transportation is limited from system angle.This article expounds the ability of the railway-water combined transportation system based on coordination,and illustrates the multi-path assignment Model from putting coordination theory into this system to optimize the system.