With the continuous development of society and the requirements of economic integration, E-commerce is becoming a major economic model in the market , But it is facing a huge security problem in the course of its development。 In this paper it is starting from overview on e-commerce and problems to be solved on development of e-commerce :authentication is a technology of the most basic to ensure the e-commerce transactions, Then it is discoursed the development of e-commerce authentication technology, It is a digital certificate, And center of the digital certificate is a CA technology , Main technical departments and their function for CA technology is PAA,RA,CP and PKI, Third it is discoursed main basis technology of the CA system technology,Including digital envelope and digital signature and dual digital signature , Detailed analysis their working principle ,In the end I analyze direction for future research of e-commerce authentication technology: The dynamic password of the mobile phone software is most likely to be one of the large-scale popularization of the next generation of internet authentication technology.