With the popularity and development of the Internet, E-commerce gradually spearhead the international trade, and become the main medium of trade. The application and development of E-commerce poses a severe challenge toward the traditional legal system, and bring about lots of new legal problems, especially worrisome is the evidence of E-commerce, which constitutes the major stumbling blocks in the development of international E-commerce. Simultaneously, the evidence of electronic contract remains a new problem in China’s Evidence Law. All along, views concerning the legal status of electronic contract vary greatly in theoretical circle, what’s more, its application is comparatively chaotic. Therefore, the evidence of electronic contract has become a pressing problem. In view of the sophistication of classification of electronic contract evidence and its peculiarity, the author deems it necessary to think of the evidence of the electronic contract as a brand-new independent category, so as to further facilitate the development of E-commerce in international trade.