Many multichannel retailers are now offering customers the option to place their orders online and then pick them up from the retailers’ physical stores. As a relatively new type of multichannel retail service, the factors that influence consumers to use “online order/in-store pickup” (OOIP) remains largely unknown. This study uses the Behavioral Reasoning Theory to examine the factors that influence individuals’ attitude and intention toward using OOIP service. A survey was conducted with 212 Chinese consumers. Findings suggest that informational social influence, normative social influence, and attitude toward using OOIP service have direct impact on individuals’ intention to use OOIP service. Furthermore, even though reasons for using OOIP service could determine individuals’ attitude, they do not influence individuals’ intention directly. Conversely, while reasons against using OOIP service do not affect individuals’ attitude, they can impact individuals’ intention directly. We provide theoretical and managerial implications arising from our findings.