Many companies have been seeking innovative ways to improve performance and sustain competitive advantage. Various strategic techniques and methodologies have been developed for business improvement as a result. Performance benchmarking is one of the business management tools have been proven its effectiveness to maximize performance in many areas. This paper selects “Performance Benchmarking” to assess and find the best practice as knowledge or know-how from learning from other companies, competitors and industry leaders to gain the competitive advantage and build potential in global competition. This paper has a more specific aim to contribute to the field of related literature is especially focus on performance benchmarking and case study by separating for four themes. First, studying of performance benchmarking practice. Second, discussion of implementing performance benchmarking. Third, performance benchmarking for building best practices. Fourth, the case study of performance benchmarking by analyzing in four dimensions as operation performance, organization performance, business performance and quality management with five case studies are including manufacturing sector, construction industry, furniture manufacturer industry, health service sector industry and financial institution. Finally, conclusion and suggestion.