The rapid development of agricultural modernization in Hubei province has an influence on cultivated land resources variations to a certain degree. This paper used grey relational analysis method,combined with Hubei province cultivated land area decreased data within the year covering 2000 to 2010 and agricultural modernization development index data, then analyzed the influence relationship between agricultural modernization development and cultivated land resources variations. Through calculating then obtained the relational degree of each index of agricultural modernization and cultivated land resources variations in Hubei province r01=0.6518, r02=0.6814, r03=0.6737, r04=0.6904, r05=0.7002, r06=0.6175,turned out to be r05> r04> r02> r03> r01> r06by sequencing. Result shows that irrigation index-effective irrigation area has the highest relational degree on cultivated land resources variations, three chemical indexes are in the second place followed by successively are plastic films, fertilizers and pesticides according to relational degree, then the electrification indexelectricity consumption and the last mechanization index-total power of agricultural machinery. The sequence means water conservancy facilities construction and reasonableness and scientificalness of its utility should be taken into seriously, and the dependence degree of using fertilizers, pesticides and plastic films should be reduced in the meanwhile, electrification and mechanization development of modern agriculture should be kept improving the production efficiency and protecting cultivated land resources.