Growing interest in e-Government raises the question about the developmental stages of e-Government services. This paper describes the transformation of a city government supported by an active Smart Cities programme. The paper discusses the concept of Smart Cities and explains why Christchurch is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Smart Cities technology and approaches. We describe the Christchurch Smart Cities programme and the lean approach it is using to bring communities, innovation, and information together to create a better experience for people in Christchurch. Recent research in Christchurch demonstrates that implementation of foundation Smart Cities initiatives such as free Wi-Fi in the public realm is necessary for the successful uptake of eGovernment services across all areas of society. This paper confirms the developmental stages of eGovernment services using Christchurch City Council as a case study. Interviews with Christchurch City Council officials and managers responsible for implementing and managing these initiatives offer insights into how Christchurch City Council is becoming a more efficient, effective, transparent, accountable, and collaborative city government. The themes identified in this study would be useful as a conceptual framework for researchers to evaluate and understand Smart Cities and e-Government initiatives and could serve as a roadmap for practitioners in planning future projects.