The rapid evolution of information systems has triggered drastic changes in business schemes. This phenomenon has led to the rise of Business Process Management. Business Process Management consists of the concepts, methods, techniques and software tools that assist the life cycle of business processes. The implementation of BPM solutions is not an easy task due to the existence of different Business Process Modelling (BPM) techniques. Thus, organizations seek for BPM to make informed decisions about the appropriate technique that fits their needs. In this research, we proposed a new comparison model for selecting the most appropriate Modelling technique using a Multi-Criteria Decision Making Technique, which is Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP). Precisely, we compare four BPM techniques: BPMN, RAD, IDEF3 and EPC in term of three main criteria which are: Direct Representation, Automation, and Open standards. The results show a ranking list of the selected techniques. According to our analysis, BPMN represents the best technique compared with the designated criteria, followed by Event-driven Process Chain, then RAD and finally IDEF3.