This paper presents a case study relating IT Capability and Organizational Agility within a medical diagnostics company in Brazil. The objective was to identify how IT Capability affects Organizational Agility; therefore, a qualitative approach was adopted. The analysed company is one of the four biggest Brazilian companies in this sector, and it is the youngest of them. The data collection was based on interviews with twelve persons, including IT professionals, business professionals and IT supplier professionals. The relationship between these two concepts was analysed from the perspective of the company’s three main information systems. The sensing dimension of organizational agility has so much information from monitoring systems that the importance of reacting dimension is based more on the effectiveness of the projects than on the time of response. The study shows that IT capability supports the organizational agility on its both dimensions – sensing and reacting – and these are not separated nor unrelated dimensions. The organization responses are highly based on the analysis of the identified problem areas, and they bring insights and create a time advantage that allow the company to spend more time choosing the new projects that should be carried on. The reacting dimension of agility are not about time of response, but about the effectiveness of response.