If Information Technology (IT) is to deliver change with clear benefits a complex mix of organizational resources (i.e. the IT capability), need to be mobilized. Improving IT capability is essential but often challenging for organizations. Maturity models are used to assist change management for IT capability improvement, but there has been limited research on how they are used and their efficacy in different organizational contexts. This paper addresses this gap through exploring the experiences of ten organizations who used the IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF), to help them address the challenge of gaining benefits from IT. Key topics are: motivations for using a maturity model; change management actions and improvements; success factors; barriers to success. The data was collected through qualitative interviews and interpreted through a benefits-driven change management approach. This analysis provides key insights into the context and challenges of using maturity models for IT capability improvements, and suggests that capability improvement will to some extent address the ‘knowing-doing gap’ highlighted with respect to maturity model implementation.