Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is an emerging field that applies technology in commerce. One of the concepts used in electronic commerce is an electronic word of mouth "EWOM". Technically, the concept is used to evaluate electronic commerce platforms, services/products, and behaviours. Sometimes EWOM is used as a government initiative to sensitize the citizens. The goal of this research is to improve the methods and activities used in Electronic word of mouth platforms for evaluating e-commerce platforms. Therefore, this research: 1) proposes a framework for Electronic word of mouth; 2) chooses "MAROOF.SA" as the system to be improved by the new EWOM business model based on the proposed framework; 3) verifies the new EWOM business model through two justifications plans: an experiment and survey. The proposed framework was derived from "Starbucks experiment of using electronic commerce", which highlighted three main elements that can be used in the proposed framework. In this paper, co-creations value, usability and payment methods were the three elements considered when improving the working of the MAROOF EWOM Platform.