It is important that modern IS decision making is accomplished using a systematic evaluation of research. A Model Driven Systematic Literature Review (MD-SLR) was used to examine the factors that influence e-commerce adoption readiness of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries. An initial review of commonly used theories of e-commerce adoption and e-readiness assessment theories was conducted to provide the model driving the MD-SLR. During the MD-SLR evidence was sought from all relevant empirical qualitative studies identified to refine the initial model based on evidence. The evidence supported the existence of internal SME factors (such as: awareness, commitment, technological resources, size of organisation, business resources, social relationship, relational complexities and human resources) and external factors (such as government readiness, market forces, supporting industries). New factors emerged: power supply instability, social and relationships, family support, political uncertainty, and cultural issues.