This study intends to examine various attitudinal, normative and control factors influencing users’ behavioural intention to adopt fixed broadband in Oman. A Quantitative method based survey approach relating to the attitudinal, normative, and control variables has been utilized. Regression analysis is conducted to test the role of numerous variables on users’ behavioural intentions to adopt fixed broadband in Oman. The results of the study revealed that the behavioural intention of Omani users towards fixed broadband adoption is significantly affected by Primary Influence, Hedonic Outcomes, Self-Efficacy, Perceived Ease of Use and Relative advantage. Considering the slow growth of fixed broadband in Oman, this study provides policy makers and broadband service providers in Oman with an insight and understanding about factors that can have an influence on users’ intention to adopt the broadband technology. Theoretically, this paper is useful for providing baseline data for studies on broadband adoption in Oman in general and its impact on information science in particular.