In the current fluid environment, the challenge for Multinational Corporations (MNCs) is how to accumulate knowledge that stems from various sources, facilitate the management of knowledge, and maximise value generated from all available assets. For this purpose, MNCs use Knowledge Management Systems (KMSs) to share, utilise, and integrate knowledge. This paper seeks to explore how knowledge sharing takes place through the use of KMSs in MNCs. Based on 42 semi-structured interviews, main themes underlying knowledge sharing were identified and summarised in a more holistic conceptual framework. First, Knowledge Management Systems includes three sub-themes: Technology Acceptance, Communication Tools, and KMS Usage. Second, Knowledge Sharing Practices includes the following sub-themes: Content, Willingness to Share and External Factors. The paper clarifies the existing literature on KMSs and KS by proposing a holistic conceptual framework which will help managers to identify ways of initiating knowledge sharing in MNCs.