Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) is a trend introduced by a large IT corporation in 2009 realised as a consequence of the consumerization of Information Technology. BYOD is described as the phenomenon of using personal mobile devices connected to corporate networks to perform work. This study aims to understand consumerization of IT and BYOD in the Tertiary Education sector, particularly the context of BYOD in universities in both the United Kingdom and Malaysia. The study will commence with a pilot case study in the Computer Science Department of a UK University to explore its current systems and support for staff and students, gathering insights on the consideration of BYOD for the department. As this is a phenomenological study, Actor Network Theory (ANT) is selected as an initial lens. This seeks to create a ‘timeless snapshot’ the phenomena in time, space and social change. This paper aims to set the scene for the study in terms of the performativity of BYOD by reviewing the literatures pertaining to the history of BYOD, the implementation of BYOD in the commercial and education sectors.