Mobile Data Services (MDS) such as the Mobile Internet and Mobile Government influence various life aspects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA); yet, few empirical studies have been considered in order to expand these applications in the KSA context. This study targets and then analyses the existing knowledge in M-Internet and M-Government fields, then the study will provide future suggestions for adopting factors that will radically increase the use of the aforementioned services. Through detecting the most relevant 57 empirical studies out of 287 relevant researches, various relations are impeded in different IT models and they have been examined in order to investigate theoretical gaps that may require further research. The author’s research shows that adopting an extended model of UTAUT2 with two new variables, i.e. Risk and Trust will arouse and substantially spread M-Internet and M-Government. Moreover, this paper will assert on the importance of the interrelationship among the main variables of UTAUT2, i.e. the influence of Effort Expectancy (EE) over Performance Expectancy (PE).