There has been a rapid increase in the use of mobile devices for interaction with web based tools and applications, driven in large part by the rapid shift towards smartphones. At the same time, it is recognised that the factors such as the volume of eCommerce, transition to online banking, and broad uptake of social media applications, require users to have confidence in their trustworthiness and security. As the ways in which users are able to use and access the Internet shift, this research has focused on establishing a greater understanding of the relationship between the three constructs of risk, trust and confidence and how they impact upon Internet use. This short paper examines the issues surrounding these constructs, identifies the key shifts and challenges with mobile devices; and discusses the how risk, trust, confidence influence the use of mobile devices for accessing the Internet. Key findings include the variance of user behaviour according to device type, and the greater influence of usability on use of mobile applications for activities that require greater levels of confidence.