As it is now a decade since Nicholas Carr [2003] made his highly controversial claim that ‘IT no longer matters’, the time would seem ripe for a critical reappraisal of this view. In short, he was arguing that as IT was rapidly becoming a largely undifferentiated commodity, the scope for organisations to use IT strategically, to gain and sustain a competitive advantage, was rapidly diminishing. His inference from this state of affairs was that in future organisations should focus on cost minimization and risk avoidance, when making IT investment decisions. In this short opinion piece, we seek to briefly assess the extent to which his vision of the future has come to pass, before seeking to identify the implications of this situation. In so doing, we draw the conclusion that as many organisations do appear to be opting for a safety first, cost minimization strategy, the focal point for the bulk of their IT activities should shift from pre implementation, to post implementation.