Strategic Information System Planning (SISP) is a well-established practice for securing the effective implementation of innovative information systems and technology. There is little in the literature about how vision is related to SISP so this study examines practice in the UK higher education sector where vision statements are regularly constructed in relation to planning cycles. The nature of corporate vision is contrasted with that of organizing vision about IS innovations within the community of IS practitioners. Interpretation of qualitative interviews illustrates how strategic vision, generated in inter-organisational groups by intermediating institutions for the whole sector, requires translation into the university’s corporate plan. Understanding the relationship between the organizing vision and the corporate vision process is shown through interviews to be necessary for information system innovations to be implemented in accord with the culture and resources of a university’s mission group. IS capability and leadership are required to relate organizing vision to corporate vision. Based on empirical data, the author proposes extensions to SISP to facilitate the effective relationship between organizing vision and corporate vision..