This paper reports on research in progress which aims to help service SMEs benefit from the application of emerging ICT by examining the dynamic process of technology adoption using Actor Network Theory (ANT). It is argued that the adoption of emerging ICT should be examined from a dynamic process perspective. Traditional adoption theories developed by previous researchers (e.g. Ajzen and Fishbein 1980; Davis, 1989; Rogers, 1993) have contributed to technology adoption studies in the past, but they have limitations in capturing constant technology advancements and the dynamic and evolutionary nature of technology adoption. This study adopted a qualitative approach to investigate how service SMEs are engaged in emerging ICT adoption by focusing on the adoption process, the role of key actors and critical factors. A research framework was proposed based on ANT. The framework was initially tested using interviews with SME managers involved in the ICT adoption process. Eleven interviews in eight service SMEs have been carried out and data collected has been analysed using content analysis. The preliminary findings suggest that using ANT to examine the process of emerging ICT adoption in service SMEs helps to unveil the dynamic nature of ICT. The initial framework also has potential to help identify the interactions and contributions of key actors during the adoption and post adoption process.