The aim of this paper is to propose an ERP implementation framework based on key success factors (KSFs). It will contain stages of ERP implementation which includes some factors as activities that influenced ERP implementation success. The framework that has been produced is a conceptual framework based on literature review and case study of previous research. The framework divides into two dimensions, namely: ERP implementation process and components involved in these processes. ERP implementation process contains of project preparation, technology selection, project formulation, implementation/development, and post-implementation. Whereas the components involved contain of organization/people, process, application, data and infrastructure. Every component will do activities that have been prepared based on the key success factors at each stage of implementation process. The framework can be one of reference on ERP implementation for the company. Although some of ERP implementation models have been used by consultant. Further research is under development in order to validate the ERP implementation framework through a case study Keywords: