This paper describes how a UNIDO ICT centre innovation acted as a catalyst for ICT adoption and e-business innovation among Small and Medium sized Agribusiness Enterprises in Southeast Nigeria. Diffusion of Innovation Theory (DoI) has been applied to investigate the diffusion process of technology. However, the adaptation of Social Network Theory in the diffusion of innovation studies is comparatively recent and still at a very developmental stage. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 27 Small Agribusiness Enterprises in Southeast of Nigeria. This paper argues that the balance between effort utilised in technology design and the effective diffusion of such innovation must be redressed. Greater emphasis must be placed in instituting end-user social networks as an antecedant that will enable end-user engagement and hence enable effective diffusion of the technology innovation through such end-user networks. The importance of sustaining the diffusion process of information and communication technology (ICT) innovation in order to facilitate the implementation of e-business in small and medium sized enterprises is a major challenge. This paper concludes with the finding that the potential adopters’ conceptual and contextual knowledge of the innovation is a major factor in the adoption and diffusion process. The continuous sharing of information about the innovation through social networks constitutes the main success factor enabling the sustainability (maturation) of the technology.