AIS Transactions on Replication Research


This paper is an exact replication of the Han, Ada, Sharman and Rao (2015) article on Campus Emergency Notification Systems (ENS). In their study, Information Quality Trust and Subjective Norm were the factors which most commonly induced recipients of ENS notifications to comply with the information and instructions in the notification; Perceived Safety Threat, Perceived Financial Threat, and Past Experience also played a role for some types of ENS notifications. We found essentially the same results, although there were some differences. In our study, Information Quality Trust was again the most important determinant. Subjective norms played a role, but were not a fundamentally important factor as they were in the Han, et al. study; we speculate this may be due to different cultures between our participants and theirs. The other three factors were important for some types of ENS notifications but not others. Our research also suggests that future research should consider past experience with ENS notifications, such as the frequency, location relevance, and the timeliness of past ENS notifications received.